The Company

  • BLUE HORIZON has been implemented as SARL in Betzdorf, Luxembourg on March 20, 2017
  • Current ownership 50% OHB Venture Capital / 50% LuxSpace Sarl – discussions with potential other shareholders from Life Science domain on-going
  • Business: Development and sale of “life science” products for space and terrestrial applications
  • Comprehensive knowhow and technology transfer from OHB SYSTEM to BLUE HORIZON worth several M€ in investments and third party projects
  • Establishment of unique scientific expertise and lab capabilities in Luxembourg, also in cooperation with existing Luxembourg “life science” research cluster
  • Intensive further cooperation with DLR planed using existing and future German national funding (with possible creation of BLUE HORIZON Germany as subsidiary of LU company).

The Management Team

Dr. Klaus Slenzka

Dr. Klaus Slenzka
Chief Scientist

  • Currently Head of “Life Science” unit at OHB System AG
  • Developer and project manager for a large number of innovative science payloads and systems for both terrestrial and space applications
  • Internationally fully recognized scientist - e.g. secretary Life Science IAF, IAA – Member of COSPAR Commission, Member of ELGRA
  • adj. Prof. at Jakobs University Bremen and Faculty & Lecturer at ISU, Strassbourg
  • Author and co-author of several scientific publications and books
Jochen Harms

Jochen Harms
Managing Director

  • Several management functions in OHB
  • Green field development of LuxSpace over 10 years
  • 25 years experience in space sector in several European countries
  • Manager at Deutsche Bank
  • University degree in physical geography